At TD Reply, we combine scientific marketing knowledge with data expertise and innovative technologies. Our interdisciplinary team of consultants, designers, IT experts, programmers, marketing strategists and trend researchers finds the smartest solution for any marketing challenge.

Strategy & Planning

The latest tools bring marketing science to the next level. They enable you to continually test hypotheses and monitor progress with a fast, cost-effective and data-driven approach. We are not like other service providers who only use data to optimise marketing campaign performance. Instead, we tap into the full strategic, explorative and predictive power of data.

Consumer Experience Analytics and CRM

We help you create an outstanding customer experience through effective CRM strategies at all touchpoints of the customer journey. We also use future-proof CRM analytics and tracking methods to help you gain valuable first-party data to optimise customer journeys and expand your owned media reach.

KPI Frameworks

We help companies define the metrics that matter. Our analysis is task-specific and stakeholder-oriented. In addition, we develop technical solutions to automate reporting and analysis of KPI systems that are vital for your business’s success. Benefit from our years of experience in defining, optimising and structuring business KPIs for Fortune Global 500 companies.

Campaign Measurement

We develop and operate customised campaign tracking and benchmarking systems with a pre-, during- and after-campaign perspective. Our Data Creativity Score is a unique and proven system for benchmarking, measuring and tracking campaign effectiveness. Plus, thanks to our AI-supported Live ROI system, we can calculate the ROI for every campaign across all channels in near-real time.

Brand Positioning

We use innovative approaches such as Digital Brand Equity to reveal how your brand is perceived, to measure the effectiveness of all brand touchpoints in real time and show which topics and content you should focus on to align your brand activation and go-to-market strategies for the best results.

Trend Studies

We are one of the leading publishers of marketing trend studies in Germany. Our own data-driven trend research platform SONAR provides analysis and forecasting based in part on social listening and search analytics. Factual data like this enables us to scientifically analyse every trend in all its diffusion phases, so we can make the most reliable forecasts.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics means using data and AI to make precise, high-frequency observations, recognise patterns and create solid recommendations and future forecasts. We’ve been successfully merging these new analysis methods with traditional analogue methods for over twenty years to create real added value for our clients.

Segmentation & Targeting

Our wealth of experience in supporting sophisticated segmentation and targeting projects across multiple markets is based on years of experience working with leading consumer brands. Geolytics is our unique geodata-driven approach to identifying the right physical outlets for specific target groups and product segments, as well as tracking their performance.

Prediction & Forecasting

Our experienced data scientists have a long track record of tapping into the predictive potential of data. For years, Fortune Global 500 companies have relied on us to create data-driven forecasts on marketing ROI development, market trends, outlet performance and more.

Commercial Effect Modelling

Our Commercial Effect Modelling is an innovative version of the proven Marketing Mix Modelling. It continually enriches classic store-level and sales data with real-time digital data. This allows us to identify your most important sales drivers and create strategic forecasts faster and more accurately than ever.

Data Science

Our data scientists are among the best and most experienced in the marketing industry. We analyse vast amounts of data to uncover truly relevant information and inform your business strategy. Our analysis draws on proven statistical methodologies in combination with new technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Time Series Modelling, in addition to our consultants’ extensive experience in the field.

Search Analytics

As true pioneers and innovators in the use of search data, we’ve been successfully using it to gain business-relevant marketing insights for over ten years. Search data analysis lets us identify market trends at an early stage, measure your brand strength and the success of your various advertising activities, forecast market shares and much more.

Social Listening

For the best insights, we apply our innovative approach to social listening along with classic brand theory approaches. We’re also experienced in working with Chinese, Russian and other international platforms.

Data Ecosystems

To maximise the positive impact of data on your business, you need the right data strategy and a high level of quality throughout your entire data ecosystem. Any business today can collect large volumes of data. The hard part is finding the right data and putting it into a meaningful, business-relevant context. Our consultants, data analysts, data engineers, data scientists and UX/CX designers have a long track record of optimising our clients’ entire data value chain, from implementing our clients’ own data sources and connecting external sources, to transporting, storing, evaluating and presenting data.

Web Analytics

We support you in developing and implementing a future-proof, data security-oriented web analytics strategy. Understanding how users behave on your website is the key to reaching the right conclusions and making smart optimisations. That also means capturing relevant actions without over-tracking, which leads to an overflow of irrelevant data.

Data Quality Assurance

Data integrity is crucial to ensuring your data-driven projects are feasible, efficient and profitable. And when it comes to user acceptance, faulty data can jeopardise the approval of entire systems. Our long-term partnerships with leading brands from various industries have taught us how to reliably detect, report and clean up quality issues in your data.

Automated Data Pipelines / ETL / ELT

Get the maximum benefit from your advanced analytics applications with fully automated data pipelines. You can count on our expertise in developing ELT/ETL data pipelines that avoid causes of errors and enable real-time data analysis.

Data Integration

We are experts in efficiently integrating a wide variety of data sources, even sources that have no interface or only present unstructured data. We are also experienced in integrating Chinese, Russian, Korean and other international data sources that are important for your business.

Data Contextualisation

Context is the key to understanding the meaning and value of your data. It takes an innovative approach to enrich your data and bring it to the next level. Our solution is automated, because manual work is time-consuming and error-prone. That’s how we help you gain maximum value from your data.

Data Strategy

Your marketing depends on having the right data strategy. Through our intensive workshops, we work out the specific requirements for achieving your business goals and translate these into effective technical solutions tailored to your infrastructure. We can also train your staff in applications and the fundamentals of AWS, Python, R, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Time Series Modelling.


We are experts at working with all major business intelligence tools, from Power BI to Tableau. We also offer our own advanced dashboard solution, Pulse, which is unparalleled in terms of usability and flexibility and can be integrated into all major dashboards. No matter which tools you’re using, our dashboards offer added value for your day-to-day activities, and they’re designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.