About TD Reply

We are marketing and innovation consultants

Founded in 1999 by Prof. Dr. Volker Trommsdorff and Prof. Dr. Marc Drüner, two leading consumer behavior researchers at the Technical University of Berlin, TD Reply is now one of the leading German marketing and innovation consultancies in the field of data-driven marketing and business intelligence.

Since 2016, we have been part of Reply Holding and the Reply Digital Experience agency group, which has been repeatedly recognized as the most successful German digital agency by the The German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW).

Being strongly rooted in academia, we attach great importance to the spirit of discovery and scientific accuracy. This is one of the reasons why we have won the trust of market leaders in the automotive, healthcare, consumer goods, fashion, and ICT industries.

Our consultants, data scientists, creative strategists, futurologists, and designers in our offices in Berlin, Beijing, and Munich share a common vision: to use the power of digital data to make marketing more meaningful, more cost-effective, and less intrusive.

Born in a Library, Raised by the Digital Economy

1999 Foundation

The TU Berlin economists Dr. Volker Trommsdorff, Dr. Marc Drüner and Lars-Alexander Meyer start a innovation and marketing consultancy in the university library – trommsdorff+drüner (TD) is born.

2001 Excellence of research

In cooperation with with McKinsey & Company and the Association of German Engineers (VDI), TD publishes the Innovationskompass 2001 study, which gauges the success of diverse new economy approaches.

2004 Market Scouting

TD successfully supports a leading German carmaker in exploring new growth opportunities in the challenging US market and kicks off other Scouting projects in China, India and Europe.

2008 Business Incubation

A joint venture with Bosch results in the foundation of Bosch Mobility Solutions. TD also supports Deutsche Telekom in the expansion of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs).

2010 Expansion to China

TD Reply’s first overseas office is opened in Beijing. The Beijing office conceives the People’s Car Project in cooperation with Volkswagen.

2012 Smart Data

Smart data services such as the real-time integration of digital and traditional data for increased marketing efficiency, innovation speed and the enabling of business performance prediction are provided to international clients around the globe.


Sonar, our AI-powered trend research and forecasting platform is introduced. TD becomes a product vendor.

2015Data Creativity Score

The Data Creativity Score (DCS) is initiated in partnership with Google, SevenOne Media, ADC, and the Horizont magazine – the first entirely data-driven approach for measuring the creativity of marketing campaigns.

2016TD joins Reply

TD joins the Reply network of innovative companies and is renamed TD Reply.


After several years of development, TD introduces Pulse, one of the most advanced and flexible marketing dashboard builders on the market with unique features such as the AI-powered Virtual Data Assistant.

2019China Beats

TD presents China Beats. Utilizing the latest in social listening, AI and Natural Language Processing technology, China Beats can provide businesses with a clear picture of current market demands and consumer interests in China.

2021Reply Hub Creation in Berlin

TD Reply is moving together with several Reply sister companies such as Elbkind Reply and Portaltech Reply into L106, the newly renovated Reply office in Berlin-Tiergarten.


Gen AI Revolution - TD Reply leverages generative AI in various client projects, pioneering innovative approaches to generate customer and marketing insights.


It is no surprise that TD Reply was born in Berlin. Here, the legacy of taking down walls, both physical and mental, is upheld like in no other place in the world. The Fall of the Wall, once thought to be impenetrable, made Berliners internalize the notion that change is always possible. Today, it is in Berlin’s DNA to champion progress and challenge concepts that are supposedly set in stone.

This gives rise to a unique energy, which has been drawing in a myriad of artists as well as startup entrepreneurs, turning the city into one of the world’s most important hubs for both creativity and tech. TD Reply is the fruit of this marriage between right-brain imagination and left-brain analytics. Every single day, Berlin inspires us to be creative thinkers and to bend the boundaries of the possible.