Data Done Right

Data can only help your business grow if you have the power to fully tap into its strategic, explorative and predictive potential. That’s what we specialise in. With our unique combination of marketing science, consumer understanding and data science, we enable you to use your data the right way, focusing on long-term impact instead of short-term hypes.

Discover our solutions and products based on state-of-the-art technologies and the latest science-based innovation and marketing concepts. Get practical answers to the most important questions about innovation and marketing. We create real change through data.

Our Solutions

Our innovative solutions make it easier than ever for you to efficiently measure the effectiveness of all your marketing touchpoints. That way, you increase your marketing ROI and discover the right trends for the future. It’s all based on our unique blend of data science and marketing science, which has always been in our DNA.


At TD Reply, we combine scientific marketing knowledge with data expertise and innovative technologies. Our interdisciplinary team of consultants, designers, IT experts, programmers, marketing strategists and trend researchers finds the smartest solution for any marketing challenge.


We have the right methods to help our clients tackle the difficult marketing challenges they face. Our methods are tested in real-world scenarios and are always based on scientific knowledge, as well as our innovative way of thinking.


Discover the TD Reply product portfolio. Our cloud-based software solutions stand out from the crowd with their focus on business relevance, ease of use and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to give you relevant insights fast.