Segmentation & Targeting

Our wealth of experience in supporting sophisticated segmentation and targeting projects across multiple markets is based on years of experience working with leading consumer brands. Geolytics is our unique geodata-driven approach to identifying the right physical outlets for specific target groups and product segments, as well as tracking their performance.

Prediction & Forecasting

Our experienced data scientists have a long track record of tapping into the predictive potential of data. For years, Fortune Global 500 companies have relied on us to create data-driven forecasts on marketing ROI development, market trends, outlet performance and more.

Commercial Effect Modelling

Our Commercial Effect Modelling is an innovative version of the proven Marketing Mix Modelling. It continually enriches classic store-level and sales data with real-time digital data. This allows us to identify your most important sales drivers and create strategic forecasts faster and more accurately than ever.

Data Science

Our data scientists are among the best and most experienced in the marketing industry. We analyse vast amounts of data to uncover truly relevant information and inform your business strategy. Our analysis draws on proven statistical methodologies in combination with new technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Time Series Modelling, in addition to our consultants’ extensive experience in the field.

Search Analytics

As true pioneers and innovators in the use of search data, we’ve been successfully using it to gain business-relevant marketing insights for over ten years. Search data analysis lets us identify market trends at an early stage, measure your brand strength and the success of your various advertising activities, forecast market shares and much more.

Social Listening

For the best insights, we apply our innovative approach to social listening along with classic brand theory approaches. We’re also experienced in working with Chinese, Russian and other international platforms.