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The monthly trend monitor provides a unique data-driven overview over the most important global consumer, industry, and society trends. How it works: We use the SONAR trend radar, which tracks the volume of written scientific and journalistic publications on a certain trend, to find out what the top five trends are in these three categories. Utilizing intelligent algorithms, SONAR analyzes a continuously growing database of more than 40 million publications from academic journals, expert blogs, mass media, and patent registers to gain unique insights on global trends.

SONAR can sort trends by Volume (number of articles relevant to a trend and relative to the SONAR index), Growth (YoY growth, volume of the last 12 months vs. previous 12 months) or Momentum (MoM growth, volume of the last month vs. volume of the previous month).

Each month, we present the top 5 consumer, industry, and society trends by Momentum.

Top 5 Consumer Trends in April 2022

Mindfulness & Conscious Living replaces February’s top trend Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing to become the number one consumer trend in April. New Work moves one position up from the third to the second place. Interestingly, the niche trend Quantified Self boasts the third-highest momentum among all consumer trends.

Top 5 Industry Trends in April 2022

Renewable Energy, a notable high-volume trend, boasts a very strong momentum and occupies the top position among industry trends in April. Notably, Cognitive Care & Mental Health is the second strongest industry trend in April. It may be speculated that this is associated with the Russian-Ukrainian war. Food Tech managed to preserve some of its strong momentum from February, falling back from the first to the third position.

Top 5 Society Trends in April 2022

Unsurprisingly in view of the escalating Russian-Ukrainian war, Global Threats is the number one society trend in April, jumping up from the third position that it occupied in February. Curiously, the niche trend Talent Gap also boasts a strong momentum and enters the top five.