We generate data-driven and actionable insights for all levels of the corporation.

We work with your team and provide direct management support with straight forward actions to increase marketing ROI, capture bigger market shares, train employees and connect brands with customers in impactful and meaningful ways.

As agents of change within your organization, we help you to turn data-driven insights into strategy and strategy into reality.


Having all your data and KPIs in one place is just the first step on the analytical ladder.

Use our dedicated tools such as marketing mix modeling and live ROI calculation to understand cause-and-effect relationships between different data points. Benefit from our virtual marketing assistant and budget planner to know exactly where to put your next Euro. Apply strategic trend prediction and long-term scenario planning to prepare for the future.
Our digital soundbox unlocks the full potential of your data to tell you what is happening in real-time. It also tells you why it is happening, what will happen next and what you can do about it – across all functions in the corporation.

We help you identify and understand trends early to optimise their business impact.

Expanding upon traditional market research, we use continuous data gathering to understand trends and their development on the global and local levels.
Our approach combines analytic, data-driven trend extrapolation and pattern recognition with immersive and ethnographic research, providing an agile and grounded approach to understanding market requirements.

Imagine a world with less intrusive advertising, where creativity and data work together to foster creative confidence and produce relevant, compelling content with impact.

Our Global Content Model and Data-Driven Briefings give your creative agencies the tools to craft the right message for the right audience on the right channel. Our Pulse Dashboard™ lets you track and optimize campaigns on the fly. And our Campaign Reports summarise all learnings for the next campaign cycle.
We support your whole campaign process, from planning to monitoring to post-reporting, and help you create meaningful connections with your customers.

In order to stay relevant, big corporations must foster innovation and new business units.

External perspectives help initiate a learning journey and explore new data-driven business models and marketing operations outside the existing corporate structure.
From research and development of conceptual frameworks to hands-on implementation and positioning we help you kickstart your corporate venture and incubate next-level marketing units for data-driven business innovation.

Turning data into powerfully visualised stories and guided explorations of data lets everyone ask the right questions.

A detailed understanding of relevant data points and how they answer specific business questions, as well as of cause-and-effect relationships, is key to enable data-driven insights and decisions.
We implement data literacy across all ranks with a wide range of modular formats, including on-site seminars, data quizzes and online courses. We provide curated expert knowledge and AI-generated insights to get everyone hooked on data.