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We generate data-driven and actionable insights for all levels of the corporation.

We work with your team and provide direct management support with straight forward actions to increase marketing ROI, capture bigger market shares, train employees and connect brands with customers in impactful and meaningful ways.

As agents of change within your organization, we help you to turn data-driven insights into strategy and strategy into reality.


China Beats - China’s Data and AI Ecosystem - Data Lakes & Infastructure - Pulse - Knowledge & Insights Hub - Social Media Monitoring - Web Analytics

Enable growth by opening a door to a world of insightful data and using right tools to get the most out of it.

Creating Data Ecosystems is all about customer-centricity and continuously improving your offerings. Data Ecosystems are at their most useful when connected to Data Dashboards that can tell a story.

With the ability to accommodate an enormous variety of data sources, including other dashboards, Pulse is one of the most flexible dashboards on the market. For businesses interested in the Chinese market, we offer China Beats, an AI-driven insights solution that provides unparalleled access to Social Listening and Market Intelligence data from China. We will also help you in setting up complex Data Lake and Infrastructures or managing large-scale Web Analytics tasks.

Data Engagement - Data for Social Good - Lectures & Keynotes

As leaders in the field of data-driven marketing, we have ideas that inspire and experiences that teach valuable lessons. Let us share them with you!

Data Literacy is one of the most important skills for businesses seeking to maximize their chances for success in the age of digital economy.

We organize custom data workshops and trainings help you achieve your individual business goals and foster Data Literacy. With our Data Engagement programs, we develop effective, ethical, and efficient data practices for your business that enable growth. Because we believe that data can do wonders for social good, we also conceived the Pro Bono project to share our data expertise with nonprofits engaging in charity work.


Marketing Modeling - Prediction & Forecasting - Retail Analytics

With Data Analytics, things get particularly interesting at its highest level – the level of Prediction, Forecasting, and Modeling.

We have heard businesses wishes for an ability to calculate their ROI in real-time, to predict where their key industries are going over the long term, or to know exactly what effect on sales a marketing activity had or will have. That is why we developed solutions that allow to do just that. Having a scientific mindset means that nothing is impossible.

Reach your goals with the least costs and maximum efficacy by measuring your ROI live. Know what will happen next with our Industry Growth and Product Lifecycle Prediction services. Optimize your marketing budgets with time-proven Marketing Mix Modeling methods. Use our AI-powered Retail Analytics approach to drive sales and convert more customers.


Business Innovation - Product Development - Service Design

In order to maintain their leading positions, it is crucial for blue-chip companies to foster innovation and new business units.

Fresh external perspectives help initiate a learning journey and explore new data-driven business models as well as marketing operations outside the existing corporate structure.

From research and development of conceptual frameworks to hands-on implementation and positioning, we support you in incubating data-driven marketing units and other future-oriented corporate ventures.

Campaign Measurement - Crossmedia Strategy & Planning - Digital Brand Equity - Product Positioning

Imagine a world with less intrusive advertising, where data and creativity work together to foster relevant and compelling content.

Our Creative Strategies services reflect what makes us different from the rest. They are the result of a unique marriage between data and creativity, conceived to make marketing more creative and cost-effective.

Move away from gut feeling and towards informed decision-making in your Crossmedia Campaign Strategy, Planning and Management. Amplify your brand using the Digital Brand Equity real-time brand tracking approach. Use the Data Creativity Score to continuously track and benchmark your campaigns vis-á-vis competitors. Gain an information edge and leapfrog ahead of the competition by relying on a Data-Driven Product Positioning and Influencer Marketing.