Whitepaper: Digital Brand Equity

March 22, 2021 | TD Reply |

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Brand managers today face two major challenges: first, how can they empirically prove how important a brand is to the success of a business?

And second, how do they translate a theoretical, fact-based brand analysis into a systematic brand management strategy consisting of specific brand-related measures?

TD Reply’s Digital Brand Equity approach provides all the answers!

As the boundaries between consumers’ offline and online lives become increasingly blurred, brand managers no longer have to rely on customer surveys to gain a clear view of the brand experience at each relevant touchpoint. Now, brand managers can leverage social listening and text mining of consumers’ brand associations.

This methodology is at the core of our Digital Brand Equity (DBE) approach, a cost-effective, science-based digital brand measurement technique. Because DBE is based on highly granular, frequent data collection, it gives brand managers an end-to-end brand measurement methodology.

DBE is aligns strategic and operational brand decision-making in a way that is unattainable by common brand measurement methods. In contrast to evaluation methods that are purely sales- or performance-driven, DBE is a clear, real-time approach that allows brand managers to determine exactly how much value each asset and marketing activity adds to the overall perception of a brand.

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