Trend Report "From Automation to Autonomy"

Februar 21, 2020 | Leo Zalischiker |
Trend Report

Our newest trend report takes a close look into the rapidly developing area of Autonomous Things (AT). Using our proprietary data-driven trend research tool SONAR, we mapped all relevant trends related to AT and created a trend hype-cycle that allows us to see what the booming and upcoming AT trends are.

Among other things. we found that while autonomous smart home devices are already ubiquitous, autonomous vehicles and robo-taxis are still in the „niche trend“ quadrant, meaning that we will not see a large-scale adaptation of these technologies in the next few years to come. However, we expect the number of autonomous mobile robots to rise from the current 20.000 units shipped globally to 350.000 by 2022.

We also identified key players in the Autonomous Things area that often fly under the radar of mass media coverage.

Find the report here.