COVID-19 Impact Report Series

Mai 20, 2020 | Leo Zalischiker |
COVID-19 Impact Report Series

In economic terms, the COVID-19 crisis may be the single biggest challenge for Europe in the postwar era. Like any major crisis, it also brings with itself immediate and long-term changes. To emerge strongly from the crisis, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to these changes.

Which industries were more affected than others why? How should brands in various sectors communicate during and after the crisis? In how far have the consumer perceptions shifted?

The new, continuously expanding, and data-driven Reply COVID-19 impact report series brings some light into the dark.

Head here for the reports.

All of the reports were produced with the help of TD Reply’s arsenal of innovative research and analysis tools. Among others: China Beats, the consumer intelligence platform that helps Western businesses to understand China; SONAR, the unique data-driven trend radar, and last but not least Quentin, our internal search volume analyzer.