GCCL Award for Joint Project with Coca-Cola

July 18, 2019 | Niklas Stog |
GCCL Award for Joint Project with Coca-Cola

“Advanced Outlet Segmentation” – our joint project with Coca-Cola and CCEP Germany – was just awarded Coca-Cola’s prestigious Global Customer and Commercial Leadership Award (GCCL). Together with our partners, we developed a novel approach to leverage digital data for physical sales success.

For roughly a decade, our partner Coca-Cola / CCEP has consistently pushed us to take data-driven marketing and sales to the next level. Winning the Global Commercial Leadership Award is a great recognition of this partnership.

It underscores what is possible when both client and agency are willing to progress the boundaries of their industries, even if this means not knowing the final outcome. In most of these cases – as in the case of our Advanced Outlet Analytics approach – the result can positively challenge the status quo and create new business value in unexpected areas. The attributes that have underpinned this success are founded on a relationship that goes beyond standard definitions of client and service provider and instead is one built on the values of trust and honesty.

So proud of this project and partnership!