December 23, 2021 | |

The monthly trend monitor provides a unique data-driven overview over the most important global consumer, industry, and society trends. How it works: We use the SONAR trend radar, which tracks the volume of written scientific and journalistic publications on a certain trend, to find out what the top five trends are in these three categories. Utilizing intelligent algorithms, SONAR analyzes a continuously growing database of more than 40 million publications from academic journals, expert blogs, mass media, and patent registers to gain unique insights on global trends.

SONAR can sort trends by Volume (number of articles relevant to a trend and relative to the SONAR index), Growth (YoY growth, volume of the last 12 months vs. previous 12 months) or Momentum (MoM growth, volume of the last month vs. volume of the previous month).

Each month, we present the top 5 consumer, industry, and society trends by Momentum.

Top 5 Consumer Trends in December 2021

Eco-Awareness is the leading consumer trend in December, followed by Self-Employment and Maker Culture. With Natural & Organic Products in the top five, this month’s consumer trends are characterized by a steep increase in the publication volume for topics related to sustainability and ecological consciousness.

Top 5 Industry Trends in December 2021

The momentum for all industry trends is unusually high in December. With Data-Driven Enterprise, Deep & Machine Learningi, E-commerce in the top three, trends related to the data economy are dominant. The fact that Start-Up Economy is also in the top five this month also suggests a burgeoning global start-up activity, a positive signal for the global economy.

Top 5 Society Trends in December 2021

It is an all-around good sign whenever Global Threats is not the number one society trend, as it signals a decline in publications related to the COVID crisis. In December, Digitalization takes the pole position instead. Population Explosion is part of the top five for the first time in a long while.