Miele Data-driven Marketing Blueprint

The Invisible Kitchen – A journey into
the future of cooking


As our world continues to evolve, so do the devices that we use. Yet how will technological advancements influence home design? How will our kitchens transform to meet the needs of a changing environment and society?

In early 2016, The Invisible Kitchen brand event was launched at Salone del Mobile in Milan pioneering new ways to integrate existing and future technologies into everyday life – at its center the users and their inspiration. The initiative was sustained by Miele’s first 360-degree data-driven marketing campaign, marking the blueprint for future communication activities.

Photos of The Invisible Kitchen by Miele


Defining the what, where and how to bring the future of cooking to life – and to our audience. We developed and implemented the communication concept, content pillars, marketing objectives, and the heart of all this: The central content hub theinvisiblekitchen.miele.com for Miele’s brand event; and we steered all involved markets and agencies.



Providing the right insights at the right time with our holistic Pre-, During- & After-Action approach to connect, track and optimize all project steps in real-time.

Our approach for The Invisible Kitchen

The Content Hub – Bringing the future of cooking to life

Matching inspiration with data: Based on real-time and forward-looking data we’ve learned what’s relevant to our audience, where to find them, and how to engage with influencers when it comes to the future of cooking. These insights built the starting point of our strategic and communicative concept of theinvisiblekitchen.miele.com. Design, UX, content selection & production and mobile optimization have been developed based on the data analysis of the Pre-Action phase.

To tell the story holistically, the hub offers target group-relevant stories about new food & cooking experiences, intriguing design visions that are becoming reality, smart technology for smarter homes and new ways of cooking – presented by international chefs, design visionaries and expert bloggers.

The Invisible Kitchen Content Hub


Online and offline, The Invisible Kitchen has been an overwhelming success: at the event, during the show, on the content hub and in social media. Most important, it set a benchmark for future marketing activities and marked a noticeable shift from paid to earned & owned.