Sanofi is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. It is on an ongoing mission to leverage vast data sets that are generated through various sources. In order to steer its multi-channel marketing, a KPI concept needed to be developed that could be applied and rolled out globally and across business units from over-the-counter medicines (prescription-free) via generics to prescription-only medication.
PERIOD: 2016


Our client Sanofi faces three key objectives:

  • Developing an initial KPI concept based on two pilot cases that serves as a global blueprint for Sanofi across markets and business units
  • Identifying data blind spots
  • Making sure the KPI concept serves the following criteria:

  1. Practicability: use only data that is available to Sanofi
  2. Usefulness: support the decision-making of marketing stakeholders
  3. Scalability: ensure roll-out beyond the two defined pilots


  • Each channel needed to be evaluated independently – a multi-channel approach was not feasible.
  • Highly diverse products, target groups, and marketing channels made the development of “one KPI concept for all” difficult.
  • There had been no unified reporting so far. This means that stakeholders are making and using decisions based on various data sources.


  • Development of the KPI concept along a generic funnel from awareness via interest and activation to sales, and, eventually, loyalty.
  • Development of a scores-per-funnel step that makes campaigns comparable – regardless of product category or business unit.
  • Implementation of a “traffic light system” that serves as an early indicator for the success or failure of a campaign or activation.


  • Common understanding of marketing success and multi-channel steering.
  • Development of a means to steer and orchestrate multi-channel activities.
  • Roll-out of the concept within the global Multi-Channel Engagement Program.