PERIOD: 2016


Our client Sanofi faces three key objectives:

  • Developing an initial KPI concept based on two pilot cases that serves as a global blueprint for Sanofi across markets and business units
  • Identifying data blind spots
  • Making sure the KPI concept serves the following criteria:

  1. Practicability: use only data that is available to Sanofi
  2. Usefulness: support the decision-making of marketing stakeholders
  3. Scalability: ensure roll-out beyond the two defined pilots


  • Each channel needed to be evaluated independently – a multi-channel approach was not feasible.
  • Highly diverse products, target groups, and marketing channels made the development of “one KPI concept for all” difficult.
  • There had been no unified reporting so far. This means that stakeholders are making and using decisions based on various data sources.


  • Development of the KPI concept along a generic funnel from awareness via interest and activation to sales, and, eventually, loyalty.
  • Development of a scores-per-funnel step that makes campaigns comparable – regardless of product category or business unit.
  • Implementation of a “traffic light system” that serves as an early indicator for the success or failure of a campaign or activation.


  • Common understanding of marketing success and multi-channel steering.
  • Development of a means to steer and orchestrate multi-channel activities.
  • Roll-out of the concept within the global Multi-Channel Engagement Program.