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Using digital data, TD Reply helped the Global Digital Team of Royal Friesland Campina to guide the global business growth and drive actionable insights across different markets around the world – including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and the Netherlands so far.


FrieslandCampina’s Global Digital Team embarked on a mission to use digital data to guide their business instead of relying on siloed digital initiatives. The goals were to drive data-driven decision making across business units as well as to adapt the right approach for implementing pilot-based programs. As a result, growth of revenue was expected.


  • While there is a wealth of information and data available, how to derive clear business decisions from these numerous sources and how to create links between them?
  • How to ensure that deliverables will be not just another insight, but create real business value and drive positive change in how the company’s business is run?
  • How to engage not just the leadership team, but the local teams who are working on the pilot programs on a day-to-day basis?


From the initial insights, the Pulse dashboard allows TD Reply to track and measure performance of pilot approaches, foresee market developments and better prepare the market to adapt to these changes. The dashboard is also helping to replace expensive market data by better utilizing Friesland Campina’s owned data.

TD Reply successfully established a purpose-driven, data focused and agile business consulting process, working

  • From local “real-world” business questions
  • Gathering data from both, global and local existing sources,
  • Building and running statistical data models and advanced analytics
  • Providing actionable results to local senior management and global decision makers
  • Estimating the “size of the prize” business opportunities when changing investments
  • Initiating local pilot projects or “micro battles” based on model results
  • Measuring pilot effectiveness and efficiency on key business outcomes (revenue, sales volume, market shares)
  • Prepare roll-out within the market and globally

Within the first 18-months, TD Reply successfully run-through above process in 6 key markets in 4 product categories.