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Drive strategy and execution from a brand perspective through a digital brand tracking system that can:

  • Measure the level of brand equity for adidas and competitors in near real-time 
  • Gives insights on how products, assets and campaigns are perceived and how they contribute to the overall brand perception
  • Measure the contribution of the brand to overall marketing success and sales


The initial challenge was to translate abstract brand personality and image items that have been tracked through traditional surveys into consumer language that enables us to track and analyze consumer conversations related to the brand drivers on a very granular level (besides overall brand perception we are able to understand how individual franchises, drops, technologies, assets etc. are perceived by consumers).

Another challenge within the project was to drive change and acceptance within the organization. As we know data projects are change projects, thus the internal communication together with the owner on the client side, was and still is a key aspect of the overall project.


TD Reply developed a new approach to track the brand values of adidas and key competitors by analyzing digital data. The process involved the following steps:

Brand Meaning: Itemization of adidas brand values by translating all brand-relevant dimensions into consumer language and identifying key digital brand drivers.

Brand Performance: Data Gathering and analysis of the Digital Brand Perception for adidas and Competitors on different levels:

  • Brand Level
  • Sport Category Level
  • Franchise / Asset Level
  • Campaign Level

Brand Mechanics: Creation of an Input-Output-Outcome Model to better understand Marketing Cause-and-effect relationships and optimize the allocation of brand assets to maximize brand impact.

The approach was developed and tested in the US as pilot market and is rolled out across markets (Germany, UK, France, Japan, China).