PERIOD: 2015–2016


In the process of exploring new and innovative ways to initiate a data-driven transformation process, Döhler has three key objectives:

  • Enhancing the decision-making process through data-driven transparency
  • Improving consumer/customer/competitor intelligence by identifying action fields and opportunities
  • Initiating a data-driven business transformation process by implementing a company-wide smart data solution across the entire value chain


  • Understanding and assessing the current smart data readiness and information needs of each department, and the development of a smart data roadmap
  • Exploring new data sources and methods to gain insights and evaluate the business value
  • Gathering and analyzing new data in order to identify growth opportunities and action fields (e.g. data as a service) that can be developed outside of Döhler’s core business for commercialization with partners, customers, etc.


Market Intelligence Dashboard

The automated dashboard reflects company-specific use cases allowing the comparison of different brand and ingredient KPIs to identify market opportunities and trigger innovations and sales. Furthermore, the dashboard provides cross-cutting approaches that ensure holistic ecosystem-based management, including customer, competitor, sourcing, and processing views. The comprehensive source set includes a wide range of data, including Euromonitor data and Mintel insights, as well as buzz and search data.