Strategically fueling and transforming a brand necessitates precise brand activation management aligned with defined objectives and a multifaceted assessment of brand impact. The Brand Impact Accelerator (BIA) empowers BMW campaign and experiential managers to make informed decisions and foster a culture of learning within the organization. Over the past few years, we’ve critically evaluated more than 50 brand activations, ranging from ArtBasel to the IAA, to assess their strategic brand impact and utilize these insights to enhance the efficacy of future activations.


The BIA program was designed to achieve three primary goals:

Goal-Oriented Management: :

Establish a goal-driven steering process that engages all pertinent stakeholders.

Unified KPI Framework:

Create standardized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for strategic and tactical activation management.

Granular Brand Image Measurement: :

Develop measurement constructs that enable a detailed assessment of the BMW brand image.


The challenge lay in crafting and implementing a data-driven approach that aligns with event and campaign managers, channel owners, the BMW in-house agency, The Game, as well as the KOL agency. We aimed to cultivate a data-driven culture within the BMW Brand Impact Council.


Shared Vision:
We embarked on defining a collective vision spanning the entire brand communication landscape.

Stakeholder Alignment:
Identifying key stakeholders and uniting them behind the common vision, approach, and KPIs. This involved defining KPIs and constructing measurement frameworks based on digital data, such as organic searches on both event and brand levels, and Digital Brand Equity, a measurement derived from social listening data assessing various facets of the BMW brand image.

Reporting Framework:
We established structured reporting formats for pre-event, during-event, and post-event evaluations. This included building a dynamic dashboard and a benchmarking database.

Learning Culture:
Our efforts extended to fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organization.

Future Positioning:
We also explored opportunities for positioning BMW within the broader competitive landscape.

By implementing the Brand Impact Accelerator, BMW has achieved a more streamlined and data-driven approach to brand activation, enhancing the brand’s strategic impact and aligning all stakeholders behind common objectives.