Vitakraft wants to stay ahead in a transforming market and take advantage of trend and category opportunities.
The pet care market is in continuous flux – driven by megatrends such as sustainability, urbanisation, and demographic transition as well as macrotrends in e.g. packaging trends, or effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The industry’s rapid transformation opens fleeting windows of opportunity for new products, business model innovation, and category expansion. With our data-driven strategic intelligence, Vitakraft can identify and evaluate these opportunities, ensuring their offerings resonated with both current demands and emerging trends timely.



Pinpoint immediate category opportunities and competitive insights based on consumer interest


Explore growing trends shaping the present and future market landscape drawing on expert listening


Vitakraft aimed to identify and engage with market opportunities that were not only significant in size and growth potential but also synergistic with their existing product range and market perception. The task extended beyond mere identification; it was about engaging a diverse stakeholder group through an innovative, data-driven methodology for scouting opportunities with precision.


TD Reply provided visibility on market opportunities, category gaps, (new) category attractiveness, and strategic recommendations on category approach through consumer interest- and competitive analysis utilising advanced search data analytics. We meticulously evaluated the overall health of various categories, Vitakraft’s and its competitors’ market conquests, and pinpointed high-momentum areas within the industry.

To set the direction for long term development strategies we analysed market readiness of key trends shaping market & consumer needs (made tangible through best cases) and their diffusion along the trend lifecycle. We decoded the impact on current and future business categories and advised Vitakraft on how to embrace these trends effectively with the help of expert listening. 


The collaboration between Vitakraft and TD Reply laid a robust foundation for opportunity capture strategies, enabling the crafting of new value propositions, products, and services that are not just relevant short term but have lasting impact on long-term sustainable business growth.

Partner with TD Reply today to capture the growth and innovation opportunities of tomorrow with high precision category and trend analysis. Get in touch with our expert Dr. Philipp Dauderst├Ądt.