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Deutsche Telekom



Deutsche Telekom is an innovation leader within the ICT market. To support this role, TD Reply partners with Deutsche Telekom since 2005 to provide market, trend & consumer insights for the German ICT market. With two annually rotating study formats (BENEFIT and BENEFITtrend) TD Reply delivers a data-driven basis for Deutsche Telekom’s strategic planning and ongoing operational decision making. BENEFIT is a GERMAN acronym that summarizes the research scope of the study, which is focuses on understanding ICT Needs, as well as Benefits & Attitudes of various ICT Products & Services with a dedicated focus on current & upcoming Trends as input for ICT Market Forecasting.
PERIOD: 2005–2018


  • Create a holistic understanding of the German ICT market as basis for strategic planning & operational decision-making at Deutsche Telekom.
  • Leverage data and insights to differentiate Deutsche Telekom in a more and more fragmented market through consumer-centred product development and marketing.


  • Collecting valuable insights within complex customers’ lifestyles and fast changing ICT markets, products & services.
  • Combining traditional, representative but rather slow and static consumer surveys with new methodologies of gathering more granular, dynamic and timely insights through digital data.
  • Transferring study outcomes to relevant internal stakeholders and trigger decision making as well as the development of new Ideas and concepts.


TD Reply has been successful in supporting Deutsche Telekom’s changing data needs by continuously adapting one of the key innovation tracking studies for more than 10 years.

This continuous evolution involved on the one side the adaption of the study design, which required a smart balance between maintaining key tracking topics and the steady integration of new trends & ICT topics.

Additionally, TD Reply managed the methodological transition of the BENEFIT studies from a classic face to face survey to an online survey with more than 3,000 respondents aged 14 + in Germany and the integration of google search data to gather more granular, dynamic and timely insights.

The granularity of the data allows us to prepare specific insights by linking various perspectives facing different stakeholder requirements: segment analysis, provider view, ITC product forecast, innovator groups, brand image attributes, needs & attitudes and the analysis of strategic growth of innovation fields within ITC market.

TD Reply supports Deutsche Telekom in the implantation & communication process of the results in the various departments to ensure that they are optimally used for further product and process development.