What we can do for your success

We develop bespoke hands-on approaches that equip you today to create something new and innovative for tomorrow.

Our services aim at leveraging untapped data resources, creating smart strategies, client-centric tools, forward-thinking insights and game-changing business models. We are committed to become your constant companion from vision to implementation and beyond. Explore our service portfolio that brings your data to life.

Data-driven Innovation

We spot your future opportunities by bringing together two worlds: open-minded imagination and data-driven objectivity. We can help you to develop services and products consumers really want – without asking them. We shape your future business by agile data-driven business modeling creating tangible assets for your company and strategies to leverage them.

We use data to anticipate and cultivate ideas to generate sustainable profits from innovation.

Our Services

  • Trend Prediction
  • Netnography
  • Open Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Market Research
  • Business Innovation
  • Service Analytics
  • Start-up Monitor

Data-driven Marketing

We enable your entire marketing and communications process for change: From creative concept development and strategic planning to real-time optimization and post-action learnings. We understand individual customer journeys through search-, behavioral and social data and develop stories for your brand, increase campaign performance and support you in creating a relationship with your customer. We take the customers’ perspective. We develop the right bait and the way to pull them in.

We use data to reach customers at the right time and place, and with the right content, to continuously enhance marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Services

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Real-time Marketing
  • Brand Perception Tracking
  • Performance Measurement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Community Management

Data-driven Creativity

Creativity is nothing if it doesn’t aim for relevance and impact. While oldschool creatives regard data as their confining antagonist, we deliberately use its insight powers to build confidence for our creatives to take risks. Our data-driven creative prowess achieves emotional and tangible but also constantly relevant and measurably impactful services, products and communication.

We use data to create desirable services, products and communication with measurable impact.

Our Services

  • Brand Websites & Communities
  • Mobile Applications
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Data Visualization Dashboards
  • Service Design
  • Creativity Measurement (Data Creativity Index)

Smart Data Platforms

“Not yet another dashboard” – we know. Our smart data platforms can do more: break up data silos, increase data quality, improve transparency and provide real-time reporting, performance prediction and decision making. Still we don’t think this is enough. We build custom-made tools that reflect your business model and organizational structure, helping you to create data-driven value, anytime, anywhere.

We master the crucial competence layers to manage today's business challenges – data-driven.

Our Services

  • Data Audit
  • Automated Data Ingest
  • Customized Dashboard Development
  • Real-Time Push and Pull Reporting
  • Real-Time Predictions
  • Trend Prediction Tools (Trend Sonar)