Volkswagen Quicar Carsharing

Creating the Quicar Movement


Development of the marketing strategy and a comprehensive social media strategy, including the conception and design of social media profiles. Development of the Quicar website, through which users can gain information, register, and book vehicles. Provision of community management and first level customer care.

Quicar. Share a Volkswagen.



We created a holistic marketing and social media strategy. The underlying interaction concept was based on a digital universe that engages users and connects to offline measures. We wanted users to adopt Quicar as THEIR carsharing. Thus, we created lots of opportunities to interact, create content and share reasons to drive.

  • Development of the Quicar Website
  • Development of Quicar World with a blog, a magazine and a city guide to increase user involvement
  • Set-up, design and the social media profiles – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Integration into location based services
  • Community management

We continuously measure success of all marketing activities and optimize conversion accordingly.

Quicar Website


  • Since its November 2011 launch, Quicar has gained a high level of recognition and it’s now established as Volkswagen’s carsharing brand
  • More than 10,000 users
  • Highly engaged users: after one month, the blog contained more than 100 entries and 200 comments
  • More than 10,000 page likes on Facebook
  • Reporting with the unique format “Quicar spotlight”
Quicar: More than 10,000 Page Likes on Facebook