TD Reply/ Pulse From Big Data to Big Insights


Stop talking about digital transformation and start using the power of digital to drive your business! In today’s fast-changing economy, it’s vital to know which factors actually drive your business forward, how you can optimize campaign budgets, and how to encourage employees to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned. Relevant data is often found in silos – these need to be broken down so that their information can be disseminated and everyone can be empowered to make better, more informed decisions.


It all starts with your business questions.

Typical data mining tools and processes pull all available data together into a single data mall, mart, or lake, then apply statistical methods and machine learning to identify correlations. Afterwards, they check whether these correlations have any significance for your business.

TD Reply sets up project tasks differently. First, we get together to identify your business questions. Based on these, we gather information about requirements from all stakeholders and review internal and external data sources for potential insights. Next, a data-driven KPI assessment with KPI effect modeling creates a KPI set that is tailored to your needs and does not contain any unnecessary baggage.


All KPIs are set up in our Pulse dashboard for regular, automatic reporting. Pulse is now your automatic go-to single source of information on all business-relevant KPIs. Employees can review campaigns, spending, and optimization processes. Should anything change while you aren’t watching, our automated smart data assistant will notify you via email.



Before we start, we want to WOW you! Based on our extended data-driven marketing experience with top global marketers, we will inspire you by showing what digital data sources can offer to overcome the shortcomings of current data analytics.

Starting with stakeholder requirement workshops ensures that you receive insights tailored to your business and your organization. The goal of this onsite workshop series is to generate a list of insight requirements in conjunction with our data intelligence experts.

We want you to avoid running into a big data trap, instead leapfrogging your competitors by focusing on insights that truly drive your business success! Our core mission is simple: “Less, more often.” That means collecting less data but having what you collect available in high frequency and granularity.

Collecting data in high frequencies requires automated tracking and measurement of all relevant online and offline data points. The Pulse dashboard makes it very easy to integrate standard data sources (e.g. web analytics, social media, media servers) and custom sources.


Additional Pulse modules are the next step in becoming a truly data-driven decision maker. Our proven modules are not simply additional charts like you would find in any other dashboard builder, but are fully equipped insight solutions that combine data science know-how, marketing expertise, and user-friendly interfaces – making it easy for everyone to apply our unique data intelligence to their own data.

Successful marketing in the digital age is an ongoing learning cycle that keeps track of things and knows how to adapt. Based on real-time measurements, Pulse enables your organization to make decisions at a much faster pace and with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

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Pulse is not only a customizable insights platform. Unlike common analytics platforms, it offers a unique combination of revolutionary data science and marketing intelligence processes embedded in an agile dashboard technology, which allows it to deliver business value from the start. Analytical benefits include an eight-fold increase in media value, a campaign performance increase of over 100%, a brand uplift increase of over 20%, and a supply chain efficiency increase of 65%. Creative benefits include new ways of working, better-informed decision-making, and employee empowerment.

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