Volkswagen Sparring Partner for Corporate Mobility Services

Data-driven insights and marketing support from phase zero to successful launch



Now more than ever, established corporations are seeking to ensure they get their piece of the digital services pie. In the automotive sector particularly, competition for mobility services is huge and is being made even tougher because of new ventures and the involvement of other industries. In order to keep up, Volkswagen is developing an ecosystem of digital mobility services that will enable it to enhance its core business model and access new revenue streams. Volkswagen set up a whole new business entity internally, with a lean start-up setting, in order to develop mobility apps and services (i.e. parking, assisted driving, communities) that provide additional value and inspire increased customer loyalty and interest in Volkswagen cars.

In order to breathe life into these new Volkswagen mobility services, TD Reply has become VW’s “sparring partner” in a process starting with phase zero and continuing to the launch and the establishment of regular operations. It is responsible for beta testing and user recruiting, the set-up and installation of processes, the infrastructure and analytical models for dashboards and apps, community building, and marketing of the upcoming service.TD Reply is providing a comprehensive array of action, resources, analytical knowledge, and customer understanding from both a marketing and service development perspective in order to install, steer, disseminate, assess, and optimize these new mobility services and their performance.


  • Establish a new working model for identifying, developing, and managing new mobility services
  • Define future roles and responsibilities for internal management and market positioning
  • Define strategic and operative tasks and steering in the field of data and service strategies, and in marketing
  • Find a partner capable of integrating tracking capabilities into the development process from day one
  • Establish agile business design capabilities to assess the profitability and volume potential of the services
  • Gain expertise in shaping mobility services
  • Develop and finally launch successful services for Volkswagen customers



  • Tackling a completely new set of tasks
  • Existing corporate processes, communication streams, and alignment of service-specific discussion points between the various departments involved didn’t fully support the development of services, especially in terms of requirements for technical tools, data security, and short-term profitability targets.
  • Lack of experience in mobility services meant that many assumptions about the business case had to be verified through third-party studies and expert interviews. These insights then had to be translated into concrete adaptations to the services.



TD Reply Berlin put together a diverse team of experts in the fields of data strategy, business design, and marketing in order to support Volkswagen with this complex set of tasks. First, TD ReplyBerlin developed an overarching organizational strategy, performed a business case evaluation, and drew up a mobility service roadmap. Next, where needed, TD Reply consultants worked as fully integrated team members in the newly set-up organization or functioned as very close, agile sparring partners. The fact that experts were on hand and able to react quickly was of real benefit to the project.

On the project on tracking data points for a parking service,TD Reply developed a vision for generating, gathering, analyzing, and leveraging valuable data for the services, following a lean analytics approach. Subsequently, TD Reply oversaw the implementation of different tracking tools on the basis of Volkswagen’s strict data security guidelines. TD Reply built an online dashboard to display and analyze all relevant KPIs and metrics from various sources in real time, with dashboard data sources such as service backend and frontend, web and app analytics, search data, social listening, customer care, marketing, and an app store.

TD Reply consultants were part of the business design team for the future mobility services. They created single analysis deep dives and forecasts to determine optimal pricing, support the selection of partners, and estimate the volume of telematics vehicles in the relevant markets.

For mobility services in the areas of the automotive community and loyalty programs, TD Reply digitally promoted the app through social media (site) management and advertising. It also conducted comprehensive user tests for each stage from recruiting through handling to finalization of the tests. These tests lasted several weeks.