Coca-Cola Empowering Employees to Leverage the Power of Data


Today, companies connect with consumers across endless touchpoints, making every interaction measurable. This is why our data space is growing at an unprecedented rate, which presents our organizations with great opportunities, but also with tremendous challenges. Against this backdrop, our client Coca-Cola identified the need to train its employees to use existing tools and instill data-driven thinking across the organization.


TD Reply´s main objective was to empower Coca-Cola staff to unleash the power of data. Our data-driven marketing team developed a two-fold approach that combines personal training sessions with an online education hub. The initiative conveys knowledge about Coca-Cola’s data ecosystem, provides inspiring external case studies, trains participants to make the most out of existing measurement tools and helps them apply their newly gained knowledge to real-life case studies. The ultimate objective: Help Coca-Cola uncover the insights hiding in their data and sustainably turn them into tangible value for the company.


TD Reply consultants offer their experience to facilitate four main competencies.

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge about the most important data sources and data initiatives at the company, their functions and interdependencies.
  • Establish a solid understanding of data-driven best practices across industries, including their strategic and operational business relevance
  • Explore how to use analytics tools to identify insights and support decision making and become familiar with most important technologies
  • Apply data-driven thinking to real-world tasks and decision making, identify data-driven insights and turn them into actionable recommendations

Two parallel work streams account for both – tailored education needs for middle and upper management as well as a holistic marketing touchpoint review available for everyone at any time.

1. Individualized workshops: Targeted and highly individual workshop sessions to meet individual needs and address existing questions and pain points. Experienced TD Reply consultants moderate each session and advise based on participants’ input.

2. Centralized knowledge base: An online assessment center helps to classify participants and assign them to the right workshops and training material. Users can interact with a dynamic frontend to retrieve adhoc information and understand connections.



  • Dedicated training series for varying internal stakeholder groups and levels of expertise
  • e-learning platform (periodic table of data elements) to playfully convey overview of company datapoints, tools and cross-dependencies
  • Governance framework to reflect and incorporate continuous changes in the ecoystem ecosystem.