Google Search Behaviour Analytics

CUBS – A unique approach to consumer understanding, branding and sales


Create a mould-breaking approach to understand digital and non-digital customer journeys by using “new data” namely exclusive Google data sources. Provide an idea on the content that needs to be marketed by different industries to attract the biggest possible number of people.

Influences on search volume


With Google search data at its core we developed a holistic approach, incorporating additional data sources such as web analytics, sales data, CRM data or panel data depending on business questions. The unique approach that we named CUBS (Consumer Understanding Branding Sales) helps to

  • map customer journeys within specific industries
  • forecast sales
  • understand customer interests, needs and identify trends and blind spots within an industry
  • benchmark successful brand positioning and derive strategic recommendations
  • identify trending topics and innovative ideas for content marketing
  • track campaign performance and marketing impact

CUBS aligns marketing and brand strategy to successfully position a brand or product within markets of increasing complexity.

CUBS Search Pattern


  • In depth understanding of search patterns for the industries automotive, fast moving consumer goods, and energy
  • Deep-dives in these industries resulted in:
  • In-depth understanding of customer journeys alongside the conversion funnel
  • Increase in campaign ROI
  • Search-based marketing and brand planning