Volkswagen Global Social Media Monitoring

Insight-hunt for the Volkswagen brand, cars, and competitors



As a brand and company that is internationally known, sells its cars and services globally, spends on media non-stop, and is constantly covered by the press, Volkswagen wanted to know how its brand and products are perceived by people and the local media in the digital sphere.

For a major player in the production-intensive automotive industry, the competitive landscape is also relevant. These propositions were transformed, resulting in the Global Social Media Monitoring. For this monitoring, an impressive list of 17 countries was set up in a tool showing web discussions on the Volkswagen brand and car models, as well as their competitors in each country.

TD Reply sourced the tool provider and currently manages the accounts for the client, handles requests and tool trainings, and reports on issues with data pulled from the tool on an ongoing basis.


  • For Volkswagen, it was important to install an instance that could serve as the voice of the digital sphere – one that speaks about the brand and its cars.
  • It was also important to make this accessible to local Volkswagen marketing employees. The monitoring will enable marketing teams to understand how both the local media and people perceive the brand, while also facilitating managers’ tasks to track media efforts and remain close to the customers’ online requests and opinions – without having to resort to expensive market research.
  • The client was looking for a universal monitoring solution that provided rich insights, yet was simple to use across various countries and languages.


  • The digital world is moving ultrafast – and so are customer and media opinions. Staying on top of this game and handling these speedy developments are major concerns for large corporations.
  • Making web voices tangible and understandable in one common point of access has proven its worth, but is complicated by internal alignment processes, a lack of resources, and technical hurdles.


TD Reply´s Global Social Media Monitoring for Volkswagen provides output ranging from evaluation and contracting of the tool provider, compilation of the keyword sets for brands and products, operationalization of search terms into five different customer languages, and data checks to setting up comprehensive dashboards within the tool. These included valuable comparisons charts, historical data modules, and full-text insights for six brands and their car models per market.

Volkswagen employees can now access the digital brand and product stream for their specific market in well-organized dashboards from the provider Brandwatch. The data on hand offers a 360° view of what has been going on online as far back as mid-2010 and ranges from Facebook statements, Twitter followers, and forum discussions to top sites across indicators such as the number of statements (buzz volume), sentiment ratio, or site rankings.