Coca-Cola GetHappy App

Defining the app’s value proposition and outlining data-driven growth potential



In 2015, Coca-Cola launched a new mobile app, called GetHappy, to close the gap between consumers’ mobile searches for food and drink on the go and the digital visibility of local eateries. For consumers, GetHappy is a digital loyalty program that makes plastic loyalty cards obsolete. Loyalty points are collected simply by scanning a QR code with a smartphone. Those points can be redeemed for personal rewards.

TD Reply served as strategic and operational advisor to close the data loop between Coca-Cola, its business customers, and consumers. It defined GetHappy’s value proposition; selected app-relevant tracking tools; coordinated standardized tagging among agencies; developed the KPI set; and set up the reporting framework for weekly analysis.


  • Collect data on business customers and consumers
  • Connect with the mobile-savvy target audience
  • Empower local eateries with smaller budgets to participate in the mobile trend
  • Enable local eateries to better understand their customers through the data gathered by app usage
  • Give local eateries the ability to offer their customers simple-to-manage loyalty programs



  • Establish GetHappy as a brand, building its awareness independently from the Coca-Cola brand
  • Acquire restaurants and bakeries as participants
  • Increase user retention rates


Coca-Cola’s field salespeople were trained in acquiring new eateries among Coke-carrying establishments in the away-from-home market. A three-phased media campaign, focused on out-of-home purchasing in Germany’s major cities and on in-app ads, helped raise awareness of GetHappy. TD Reply´s regular data-driven support gave insights on app performance to further optimize user acquisition and retention. TD Reply´s opinion mining shed light on consumers’ thoughts and recommendations.


To date, more than 10,000 eateries are listed throughout Germany. App installs reached 350,000 during the first year, with an average dwell time of 2 minutes 31 seconds per session. To drive further development,
TD Reply Berlin helped formulate GetHappy’s value proposition and outlined growth potential, such as strategic partnerships in mobile payment and table booking.