Coca-Cola Marketing Performance Management

From Big Data to Big Insights


Concept development and implementation of a reporting platform. First goal: Making marketing success measurable, holistically and in 36 European markets.


Pilot 2011:
Integrated approach to measure the success of digital campaigns in Germany. For the first time ever, the most important campaigns for Coke Trademark, Fanta, Sprite, and mezzo mix are being measured in a standardized way. All of this based on social media data, web analytics, social listening and CRM data.

Extension 2012:
We integrated additional campaigns, brands, and markets. Our Campaign Performance Management Tool becomes an essential part of marketing evaluation and planning. Also in 2012, we won the European pitch and started the roll-out of our tool to 36 markets and 4 business units. We standardized data collection for 40 external media and digital agencies. Currently, our reports cover more than 300 campaigns, 12 billion ad impressions, close to 100 million website visits and 30 million social media users.

The Performance Dashboard


  • Transparency with respect to campaign- , brand- and ad-performance
  • Improved campaign performance through “during action review” up to 220%
  • Establishment of data driven planning within the campaign process
Coca-Cola MPM - Facts