Coca-Cola CRM 2.0

Data-driven CRM strategy & implementation


Develop and implement a new concept for CRM2.0 to gain a deeper understanding of users for a targeted re-/activation.

Coca-Cola CRM 2.0


In 2014 Coca-Cola launched a new CRM platform for its core brands Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Coke light. We developed and implemented the CRM2.0 strategy to establish a new and more effective way of interacting with the consumer.

We implemented a precise marketing and behavioral targeting approach to address users in an individual context and create a more personal and relevant digital experience. Individual landing pages and website contents are displayed based on user interests and behavior.

A data-driven segmentation model allows leveraging existing and new user insights to customize content for the biggest possible number of people. At the same time, an advanced database set-up enables tracking individual user-specific content performance which facilitates advanced newsletter targeting: providing segmented user groups with the content they want leads to higher reactivation, relevance, engagement and conversions.

Coca-Cola Newsletter


  • More precise and more efficient user dialogue
  • More than doubling the average website dwell time
  • An increase of the newsletter click-through rate by 50%
  • Regeneration of CRM user base