Google Case Studies for Google

Turning data and insights into inspiring stories and articles


Google is a U.S.-based multinational technology company specializing in internet services and products, including online advertising technologies, online searches, and cloud computing. The brand has established Think with Google as a content platform for promoting digital trends, compelling data, forward-looking perspectives, and behind-the-scenes case studies of digital campaigns.

Google asked us, as a data and insights specialist, to support this platform. Our Think with Google case studies cover topics relating to the value of data, the benefits of automation of marketing processes, and the relevance of mobile device usage. They are packed with insights into project goals and approaches, key KPIs, and lessons from the perspective of the client and Google’s client manager.


The goal of the overall project is to present Google’s products and solutions in an informative and entertaining way. To do this, we turn the insights and data from actual cases into stories, offering readers glimpses into how Google’s customers benefit from its tools and services.

The individual goals of the case studies are:

  • Increase brand awareness and favorability
  • Reach new customer groups and generate leads
  • Make more efficient use of online marketing and SEM budgets
  • Understand the relevance and value of different touchpoints and devices, especially mobile
  • Holistically quantify SEM campaign results and relevant KPIs
  • Inform data-driven decisions and solutions


  • Each case study is evaluated independently
  • Broad range of topics, products, and target groups to be analyzed and described in the case study
  • Integrating the very diverse perspectives of different stakeholders: Think with Google managers, Google’s case specific project managers, client-side project managers, and the clients’ PR departments
  • Getting appropriate input from all stakeholders in time: insights, data, visuals
    Balancing data protection and confidentiality issues with PR value



Research, development, and visualization of diverse case studies that show how Google’s clients – such as insurance companies CosmosDirekt and Zuricher Versicherung, employer brand Bundeswehr, online shops as or buttinette, delivery service Hello Fresh, language learning app Babbel or automotive company Mazda – they all benefit from Google solutions like smart bidding, machine learning, data-driven attribution, and automated campaign management to increase efficiency, conversions, and sales.