Deutsche Bahn Brand Perception & Topic Live Tracking

Assessing Germany’s Largest Transportation Brand
By Applying New Data


Deutsche Bahn is Europe’s largest railway operator moving 12 million people every day. In order to anticipate customer’s needs and persist among strong mobility competition, Deutsche Bahn started to digitalize their internal processes to leverage digital analysis for insight creation and brand positioning. Next to Deutsche Bahn’s brand values, a set of 13 pre-defined topics (e.g. pricing, quality) was defined to align and reinforce the new brand positioning. Thus, consumer interest and perception in digital for the brand and its brand values, the topic set as well as industry competitors were tracked to reflect the outsider’s view and derive business targets and brand communication.


Deutsche Bahn planned to take a broader brand measurement approach into account to strengthen and adjust its brand position & message in the market, along with its products and – last but not least – amongst its customers. By making digital brand perception of media and customers visible, tangible, comparable and company-wide accessible, Deutsche Bahn wanted to be able to keep track of newly launched products, apps, media efforts and the impact to their brand values, always with one eye on the competition, plus fostering one internal understanding of how the brand is perceived


With the set goal of measuring the Deutsche Bahn brand holistically with new data, TD Reply proposed the Digital Brand Perception Approach: From the gathering of digital data, to assessing & analyzing the pool to visualizing synthesized results and handy KPIs. Our data intelligence team at TD Reply operationalized the brand values, competitors and topics into digital customer language, pulled the data from a social media monitoring tool and applied text mining analytics to crunch qualitative data into quantitative numbers and scales. The results are visualized on an ongoing basis through a comparative dashboard that is accessible company-wide, presenting live data of unbiased consumer and media voice to keep track of brand values as well as brand topics.


Deutsche Bahn brand, values, topics and competitors were analyzed via online buzz and search. The results were processed and made accessible through the set-up of quests and dashboards in a social media monitoring tool, a data-based and centralized report, and a real-time brand dashboard developed by TD Reply Berlin.