PERIOD: 2014–2017


  • Build and maintain a community that serves as one-stop shop for professionals in the area of cataracts.
  • Continuously optimize the community with respect to content integration and customer experience optimization.
  • Integrate tools and services to deliver on key benefit: a“one-stop solution” to support users in their daily workflow overall, saving their time, improving outcome through shared expertise and enhanced knowledge, increasing efficiency and practice throughput.


  • Continuously integrating services previously launched as silos into the cataract community delivering on the promise of a “one-stop solution”
  • Creating editorial plans together with the product teams to continuously provide new and interesting content based on customer behavior and interests
  • Transforming internal thinking from a product driven company to a service driven company


TD Reply implemented a modular open innovation platform based on LifeRay. The intention was to provide a wealth of content together with the possibility to ask questions, exchange with colleagues and provide access to experts. Content and page structure are continuously monitored to provide insight on how to improve customer experience and deliver content that meets customers’ interests and needs. Community management connected to specialists within Carl Zeiss Meditec guarantees fast reactions to user questions.