PERIOD: 2017


  • Use smart data to enhance traditional market research
  • Identify new sales stories, trends, and consumer needs based on search data
  • Support content and marketing managers in their decision-making


  • Handling the analysis of over 6,500 search terms
  • Automating the smart data approach


TD Reply helped DekaBank to identify trending marketing content that is relevant to the needs of its existing and prospective customers. Analyzing over 6,500 search terms and applying various algorithmic approaches, TD Reply created consumer-centric sales stories that were highly relevant to the target audience.

Thanks to an easy-access insights dashboard,” DekaBank employees can keep track of current consumer trends based on Google search data. Additional 360-degree trend reporting allows DekaBank to take deep dives into its potential content fields.

The dashboard thus allows DekaBank to monitor the financial needs and business growth of its customers and prospects much more frequently and in greater detail than traditional market research would ever allow.