Consumer Experience Analytics and CRM

We help you create an outstanding customer experience through effective CRM strategies at all touchpoints of the customer journey. We also use future-proof CRM analytics and tracking methods to help you gain valuable first-party data to optimise customer journeys and expand your owned media reach.

KPI Frameworks

We help companies define the metrics that matter. Our analysis is task-specific and stakeholder-oriented. In addition, we develop technical solutions to automate reporting and analysis of KPI systems that are vital for your business’s success. Benefit from our years of experience in defining, optimising and structuring business KPIs for Fortune Global 500 companies.

Campaign Measurement

We develop and operate customised campaign tracking and benchmarking systems with a pre-, during- and after-campaign perspective. Our Data Creativity Score is a unique and proven system for benchmarking, measuring and tracking campaign effectiveness. Plus, thanks to our AI-supported Live ROI system, we can calculate the ROI for every campaign across all channels in near-real time.

Brand Positioning

We use innovative approaches such as Digital Brand Equity to reveal how your brand is perceived, to measure the effectiveness of all brand touchpoints in real time and show which topics and content you should focus on to align your brand activation and go-to-market strategies for the best results.

Trend Studies

We are one of the leading publishers of marketing trend studies in Germany. Our own data-driven trend research platform SONAR provides analysis and forecasting based in part on social listening and search analytics. Factual data like this enables us to scientifically analyse every trend in all its diffusion phases, so we can make the most reliable forecasts.