ANWB – Data-driven business transformation to enable growth


We support the ANWB in gaining a data- and consumer-driven approach to optimize and streamline marketing activities across the organisation and identify new future value spaces. Throughout the transformation process we realized short term efficiency gains of approx. 10% and mid-term value uplift of approx. 20%.


Four major objectives:


A neutral outside-in perspective on consumer needs & market environment


Short-term optimization of marketing efficiency to finance growth


Identify & prioritize potential propositions for new market opportunities


Enabling the organization to actively steer acquisition, customer journeys and brand


Bring transparency into the value creation mechanics and growth drivers along the business lines and related products & services. Create a data-driven mindset and accountability to support the reorganisation into a platform organisation.


Setup of a roadmap to support the 4 major goals:

1. Using digital data in particular organic search behaviour and social listening to get a

“voice of the customer” resulting in a detailed picture about:

  • Consumer interests & needs
  • Category opportunities & product interest
  • Communication perception & seasonality
  • Brand advantage
  • Competition and new players
  • Future value spaces & propositions

2. Setup and conduction of several Commercial Effect Modelling to identify and quantify direct and indirect (e.g., brand halo) revenue drivers across all anwb business lines (roadside assistance, travel, insurance, retail) as well as derivation of business line specific growth capture plans

  • Strategic budget allocation across all business lines
  • Optimization of paid and owned media, campaign and promotion in terms of timing, frequency, channel and content leading to 20% short- und 30% mid-term value increase
  • Entry point, customer journey and product assortment refinement

3. Outside-in evaluation of trends and market opportunities by a diffusion analysis based on

a) expert data (patent, scientific publications and mass media via TD Trend Sonar) and

  • b) consumer data (organic Google search)
  • Strategic trend framework along the anwb business lines and mapping on anwb value spaces
  • Prioritized value spaces/innovation funnel for annual business planning
  • Briefing input for service and product development teams

4. Derivation of a KPI set from the Commercial Effect Models and integration into a Business Steering Cockpit consolidating internal and external data sources

  • Value focused goal set with corresponding forward-looking KPIs for the entire leadership team.
  • Steering dashboard for the reorganized anwb platform organization
  • Collaborative features and engagement processes to bring the people behind the vision and drive data culture.
  • Ongoing optimization guidance for selected strategic initiatives (e.g., retail assortment, new energy proposition, owned channel architecture)