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Trends To Watch Out For in 2023, According to TD Reply Experts

Trends To Watch Out For in 2023, According to TD Reply Experts

Seven TD Reply tech and marketing experts share their personal choices for trends to watch out for in 2023.

Share of search is much more than just a powerful proxy for market share. Learn how we significantly increased our client's real market share utilizing this powerful metric.

Why have only few companies have experienced significant improvements in return on investment (ROI) as a result of personalisation?

Introducing a neat feature of TD Reply's Pulse dashboard: the fast and easy creation of PowerPoint reports.

The story of Ignatz Semmelweis who was able to save lives by pioneering data-driven research – and was shunned by ignorant elites.

Why now is the right time to start re-structuring and re-prioritizing your analytics and data solution landscape – this checklist will help you.

The post-cookie era will clear the way for hybrid approaches that combine classic marketing theory with new data technologies and allow far more effective use of digital data.

With the end of cookies looming on the horizon, companies are searching for news ways to measure marketing effectiveness and to strenghten their brand.

Why marketers should keep a close eye on the Chinese advertising industry.

Measuring creativity is a tricky business. Yet there's no way around it for marketers. Can new technologies can make their lives easier?