Workshop: Smart Data Tools in Action

Interested in smart data tools and how they can help you to improve your social mission?

As part of our series of free workshops for non-profit organizations and social businesses, our pro-bono team will host a workshop on “smart data tools”. The workshop, for which you can register here, will take place on February 22, 2018 from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm in our office at Rosenstraße 18, 10178 Berlin.

At the interactive event you will explore various data tools. These will allow you to analyze how your website is performing, how to identify areas of interest or key topics of your target audience or how to find platforms or important influencers that might be relevant to your communication strategy.

The focus of our new workshop will be open source solutions for web analytics, online text data or search data, which are not only free to use, but also easy to apply. However please note: The example use cases will be dependent on who attends. Therefore, we’re waiting for your input on:

  • What social questions you want answered by using these data tools?
  • Which data tools you would like to try out in the hands-on session?

We’re look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces, at the workshop and the ensuing after-work drink at our office.

The pro-bono team of td Berlin


In order to shorten the waiting time, we prepared a list of data tools which might be of interest:

  • Similarweb: Free report on any website or app
  • Google Trends: See how how often specific keywords have been searched for on Google over a period of time
  • TextBlop: Natural Language Processing with a sentiment analysis function
  • SciKit Learn: Machine Learning and analytics

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