Results of our TD Reply Hackathon

For the second consecutive year, TD Reply hosted an internal hackathon. Employees from all backgrounds worked together to create and learn from each other by gaining insights outside of their existing area of expertise. After a fun-packed day, the teams presented 4 cool prototypes, followed by a well-deserved BBQ and beers.

Deployment Bot – allows our QA, UX and consultancy team to deploy feature branches of our data insights dashboard Pulse to trail instances for testing and review. This enables our developers to focus on implementing awesome features and reduce distractions while speeding up our internal processes considerably. To integrate releases into existing workflows, our Deployment Bot is based on Slack, our primary tool for team communication.


Meeting Room Display – based on a low-power e-Ink display connected to a system on a chip microcontroller, this project visualizes room bookings and core information like temperature, humidity, or CO2 levels, as well as an occasional Chuck Norris joke. As the display is battery driven and consumes very little energy while it is in sleep mode, you can place it anywhere without the need for cables.

Cocktailbot – a project from last year, which is now available as a revised version. At the core, the Cocktailbot still mixes a great Gin Tonic (plus Gimlet, and many others). Additionally, it is now offering an LED ring indicating how long it takes until your drink is ready, a cooled metal plate to keep the bottles fresh, and one-touch control. We noticed that our intended Alexa voice command was not suitable for all … well, conditions. But now you’re able to pour yourself drink by pressing a button. That really is a simplified user interface!


Scorekeeper – the table football in our office is as popular as anywhere else, but ours is now data-driven! We wanted to keep track of game scores and player statistics as easily as possible. As a first step, we added a light sensor to detect when a ball rolled back after a goal. As games scores are now available online, we are able to display the table football results on pretty much every available screen in the office. As a new project, this one already has a long feature wish list, from reservations to player registrations and support for tournaments.


THANK YOU again to everyone who made this hackathon possible and a success – it was fun, and the results speak for themselves. But more than that we achieved three major goals: working across teams, creating a mutual understanding, and building exciting projects. All in a single day, no less.

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