Mobile Moments are here to stay

Mobile is revolutionizing our entire life. Nearly 80 percent of Germans own a smartphone, 3 out of 4 are already using mobile web services. Mobile is not only outperforming desktop, it is challenging established business models. More and more often we intuitively reach for the smartphone to inform and communicate, locate and find support, apply or buy. What is not consumed or shared via mobile is not relevant any more.

In cooperation with Google, the Steinbeis School of Management, and corporate partners, we study the key role of mobile in our daily lives and consequently in business. With our Mobile Moments project, we present new mobile needs, trends, success criteria and best practices of the mobile transformation.

On the basis of innovative examples, we show how products and services can be successfully adapted to new, mobile needs. Our Mobile Moments case studies are very diverse – ranging from mobile search, advertising and commerce, to location-based offers or other mobile-only services – and cover different industries, such as food, fashion, retail or entertainment.

On Think with Google you will find the first two published studies with Coke and Zalando. Marketing magazine Horizont is also posting regular insights on our mobile moments cases. The first article takes a look on how retailers could improve their mobile sales strategy. Stay tuned, the new cases of Unilever and Disney will appear in the next weeks.

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