Is it Christmas yet? The Data Creativity Xmas @ Easter Special

If there were a Sepp Herberger in the marketing world, he might say things like “After Christmas is before Easter”. At Christmas time, there is much debate if the seasonally emotional focus of most campaigns has also been creative. What we debate much less is if the campaign has even been effective.

Now that it’s Easter time, it’s high time for a Xmas match day analysis by means of the Data Creativity Score, a tool developed by td to do exactly that: measure the creativity of a campaign.

DCS-X-MAS SPECIAL – The most creative campaigns of the festive season:

DCS Total Score


And the winner is… to be expected, but by surprisingly narrow result: Edeka’s “Heimkommen” (Homecoming). It was a neck on neck race between Edeka and Kaufland for the overall score – with huge differences for the sub scores Creative Concept, Activation and Impact.

Most Creative Concept: Kaufland’s “Die Einladung“ (The Invitation)

The starting point: the creative idea. It looks at how much users are involved with the campaign and how much they like it, that is, how much they consider the whole concept to be creative or not. As for Christmas, it reveals: While users perceive the creative idea behind Edeka’s “Heimkommen” and Penny’s “Reise des Nussknackers” rather average, they are thrilled by Kaufland’s Star Wars adaptation “Die Einladung” (The Invitation).

In contrast, “Stille Nacht” with Mercedes-Benz leaves users confused. This would have been a different case had the makers minded that fir trees loose needles faster when transported in driving direction, as the old saying goes. Transporting Christmas trees is a science after all.

Highest Activation: Edeka’s “Heimkommen”

Sometimes, when creative experts are simply blown away, users are more like “So what?”. As was the case with “Heimkommen”. While the overall response to the campaign was positive, the share of emotional involvement remained average for the greater part of the audience.

In other words: The perception of creative realization alone does not explain user activation. The massive viral effect “Heimkommen” had in the online world motivated users to directly search for more information about the Edeka campaign. A marketer’s delight in the highly competitive Christmas market!

Strongest Impact: “Heimkommen” and “Schenk Zeit mit Dir”

There is this much vaunted point when consumers spread your commercial message by choice, even after media has been spent – that’s where the magic happens and marketing becomes truly successful: the shift is established from paid media to owned/earned media.

Once again, “Heimkommen” beats them all. With more than 500.000 shares on Facebook alone. Clever campaign mechanisms do work (i.e. play their part in contributing to a campaign’s success)!
Honorary mentions: Although ranked somewhat low, Coca-Cola’s “Schenk Zeit mit Dir” stands out in this category.

DCS Deviation from Average


Easter is around the corner: We are looking forward to the creative topics and ideas agencies and advertisers have in store for us!

Find more campaigns and detailed information on the Data Creativity Score:

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