Content Marketing at Google

Content marketing has become a crucial element of marketing strategies, as unique content educates and entertains customers. Our partner Google has established ‘Think with Google’ as their content platform for promoting digital trends, compelling data, forward-looking perspectives, and behind-the-scenes case studies of digital campaigns.

As data and insights specialist, Google asked us to support this platform. Since the beginning of the year, we turn data from cases into stories, offering the readers glimpses on how Google’s customers benefit from its tools and services. Case studies cover topics around the value of data, benefits of automation of marketing processes or the relevance of mobile. They are packed with insights into project goals and approaches, key KPIs and learnings from the perspective of the client and Google’s client manager.

Our first cases are online! Read how direct insurance company CosmosDirekt and other insurance brands, travel brand Berge & Meer, online pharmacy medpex, language learning app Babbel make use of smart bidding, machine learning, data-driven attribution, or automated campaign management to increase efficiency and conversions.

Stay tuned as we are preparing more insightful content!

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